Readying for a new puppy offspring? Get yourself a whelping box!

Did you know that the nature ways are more about the quantity than a quality? While a typical bitch gives birth to about 5 puppies at a time, only 3 of them survive. In nature this is considered completely normal. Sometimes these early mortality numbers are lower, but sometimes even higher. There are many reasons a newly born puppy can end up assuming a room temperature or simply die. Most often it has to do with the carelessness of a mother. Puppies are easily getting crushed or smothered, and so may require additional measures of protection.

The best thing you can do, in order to save the puppies from biting the dust, is to buy whelping box. There are many whelping boxes available from online retailers, especially in the developed countries like United Kingdom. Actually they don’t even cost much. In essence the whole nesting box is nothing more than a wooden box, usually made from plywood.

It plays a role of a small house, which you are going to place somewhere in your room. It is advisable to keep it in a visible place, so you could always monitor its helpless owner. The factors you should consider while choosing a whelping box are first of all the durability, weight and an appropriate size. The design variations are a minor thing, but could also be considered from an aesthetic point of view.

Other than plywood, you could find whelping boxes made of plastic and aluminum. The latter are actually more durable and could be used over many seasons and especially useful for the professional dog breeders. On the other hand, the wooden boxes are more like disposable. You should use them in the emergency cases when your bitch had suddenly got pregnant.

Even if you don’t need the produced breed, you would still do a humane thing by purchasing the whelping box and keeping the puppies alive. Remember that you could always share them with your friends, relatives and if it is a good breed, you could even sell it. Really! The puppies of Chihuahua for instance cost like hundreds of dollars, so don’t you dare getting them killed! Who would be likely to accept dogs? Any friends with estate could also easily adopt your doggies – or anyone with a farm, or any other type of courtyard.

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